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Guaviduca Tea Blend

Our gourmet tea was thoughtfully blend to provide soothing vibes and relaxation.
Our has all the components you need to relax or end your day. Our tea will provide you Vitamin C, Antioxidants, and used my indigenous people for its anti-inflammatory properties.

15 Tea Bags per order

Our main ingredient Guaviduca, a super leaf that comes from the Andes region of Ecuador. One of Ecuador's well kept secrets.
Our Teas come from small farms in the USA and small farmers in Ecuador. Organic, cruelty free, sustainable.

For wholesale orders please message me.

Tea available as Loose Tea and Tea bags

PLEASE NOTE - Not every herb is safe to consume during pregnancy. If you are pregnant or nursing. **Disclaimer: I am not an herbalist. I make no guarantees other than I have personally sampled this tea for the symptoms mentioned above before putting it up for sale. It is up to you, the buyer, to choose responsibly. While some herbs are known for certain medicinal proprieties, they should not replace doctor care. ***I strive to make the same batch of tea using the same measurements. However, each batch may be slightly different in taste and color.

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