la pixie wellness

Mother's Day Gift Set, Quiet Time Organic Spa Gift Set, Birthday Gift Set, Anniversary Gift Set, Stress Relief Gift Set, Lavender Scent.


Brand: LaPixie Wellness

Color: Pink & Lavender.

Details: A perfect Gift for a beloved women. Ideal for Mother's day, birthdays', hostess gift, housewarming gift or as a wedding welcome gift! Gift a moment of relaxation and calmness. Go back to the spring and spend an afternoon in the lavender fields, feeling the smell of the flowers and fruits. Gift Set Includes: Soy Handmade Lavender Floral Bouquet Soy Candle Pocket Head Wrap Toxin Free IcePacks Organic Pure Blossom Essential Oil Blend Organic Herbal Tea Blend Set of three bags (Guaviduca, Peppermint, Green Tea) Set comes in designed box. Please let us know if you wish to have a personalized message in a handmade envelope. 100% pure, natural, paraben-free

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