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Stress and Anxiety Relief Kit

La Pixie Wellness

Regular price $60.00
Stress and Anxiety Relief Kit - LAPIXIE WELLNESS
Experience Stress and Anxiety Relief at a new level. Special designed for stress, anxious people. It can be use for Seasonal Affective Disorder and when needing to Relax. Our LaPixie Stress Relief Kit combine is designed to help manage the different  stages of stress and anxiety symptoms.

Kit Includes:
-One Headband with Pocket for Icepack.
-Two Reusable Icepacks.
-One Chill Essential Oil for Stress and Anxiety Relief.
-One Thermal Waterproof Clutch to Keep Icepacks Cool Longer.
-One Necklace Fragrance Diffuser with Pumice Heart Pendant.
-One Vida soy  candle.

100% pure, natural, paraben-free.

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